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Why the Digital Mailroom Is a Smart Investment

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Are you looking for a way to kickstart your digital transformation and optimize business processes for better ROI?

According to Entrepreneur, one of the best places for an organization to start digital transformation is where documents first arrive: the mailroom. On-premises mailrooms are slow and error-prone, and require too much labor and valuable real estate—not to mention they cannot support today’s new way of working.

A virtual P.O. box helps streamline many of the manual tasks associated with handling paper and electronic mail. This blog post discusses why digital mailroom services are a smart solution to optimize business processes and improve ROI.

Physical mailrooms are workflow-stalling dinosaurs

Although still familiar, a paper-based physical mailroom’s manual processes and infrastructure have no place in today’s business environment. According to market research, inefficiencies cost companies 20% to 30% in revenue annually.

Think about every piece of mail that enters your business. For small companies, that may be as few as a dozen daily items. Larger firms may process dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of pieces of mail daily. Either way, the traditional method of handling this incoming mail isn’t saving companies time or money.

How an organization manages its incoming mail directly impacts its core business processes. Contracts, invoices, purchase orders, expense reports, and client communications are just a few types of business information received in volume every day.

To address the issue, innovation and workflow automation are required.

Benefits of mailroom automation

Businesses that employ digital mail services enjoy several significant benefits, including:

Increased ROI

Automate and streamline your business processes to reduce cycle times, improve predictability, and cut costs.

Improved customer service

Digitized documents provide a faster and more efficient way to handle customer inquiries.

Reduced reliance on paper

One content management system combines your incoming paper mail and email into a single, searchable archive with advanced document retrieval options.

Access to data

Paper-based information is organized so everyone can easily access the data they need to make quick decisions.

Increased workgroup productivity

Squeeze every drop of efficiency out of your mailroom, making it easy for all users to do their jobs and work remotely.

Streamlined processes

A virtual mailbox will streamline your paper-based processes and eliminate duplicates by centralizing and digitizing all communications into one location that can be accessed anywhere on any device in real time.

How the digital mailroom automates workflows

The digital mailroom is not a futuristic vision. It is here now and offers a streamlined system that enhances the manual handling and sorting of mail—delivering better productivity and financial results.

Combining document scanning services, OCR technology, and automation, virtual mailrooms check and capture incoming mail, apply selected processing rules, and then route it to the appropriate recipients. At the same time, they automatically merge critical processing data into other business workflows, such as your ERP system.

Making the transition

When you partner with experienced document management companies, automating your mailroom can amplify business process optimization.

Our VitalScan digital mailroom solution works like this:

1) Scan and extract. Every business day, your mail is opened, securely scanned, and digitized with crucial data points to allow searchability and routing to intended recipients.

2) Organize and index. Our imaging specialists utilize advanced capture software to identify, classify, and prioritize critical documents such as invoices, contracts, and other business-related correspondence.

3) Send. We deliver digital images and documents directly to the intended recipient as a PDF or email attachment—providing a seamless flow of information throughout your organization.

Get started with your virtual mailroom

Our VitalScan mail scanning service is perfect for any business looking to streamline its cash flow process. Our document capture technology and scanning experts quickly and easily scan checks, enabling you to make direct deposits into your company’s bank account.

With VRC, you can save time and money while ensuring all your financial transactions are secure and accurate. Our virtual mailroom solution is customizable, so you can tailor it to fit your specific business needs—whether you’re a small business or a large corporation. Learn more about our workflow automation solutions.

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