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The Significance of HIPAA-Compliant Medical Records Shredding

HIPAA Compliant Record Storage

In the highly regulated healthcare industry, the liability to ensure protected health information (PHI) is paramount. The role of safeguarding this crucial data cannot be understated for clinical staff members, medical office managers, health information management (HIM) directors, and more. Alongside electronic storage systems that house digital medical records, medical records shredding plays a vital…

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How to Achieve Interoperability in Healthcare

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Healthcare interoperability is the ability of different healthcare systems and organizations to communicate and exchange data. HIM directors face many challenges in achieving interoperability, but there are also many solutions available. In this post, we’ll discuss the challenges and solutions to achieving healthcare interoperability. Why is interoperability critical in healthcare? The theme of interoperability is…

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How Organizations Can Protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

How Organizations Can Protect PII

Every organization stores and uses personally identifiable information (PII), whether on its employees or customers. As enterprises collect, process, and store PII, they also inherit responsibility for protecting it. Doing so ensures the integrity of individuals’ identities while protecting your company’s reputation. PII can be compromised in a variety of ways. Digital files can be…

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5 Benefits of Automating Your Accounts Payable Process

Accounts Payable Automation Benefits

The global pandemic brought about significant changes to various aspects of our daily lives, including our work arrangements. However, most office settings—be they virtual, hybrid, or in-office—have not been able to adapt their business processes accordingly. One area in this new normal that has proven to be challenging for most organizations is the accounts payable…

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Digital Transformation for Business: Mastering the Journey

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In the current era of digital transformation, reinventing your company and staying ahead of the competition can be an uphill climb. To succeed, businesses must persistently navigate a landscape of ever-changing regulations, evolving technologies, shifting talent requirements, and dynamic customer demands. Avoiding digitization entirely is no longer a feasible strategy. For businesses and their leaders…

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HIPAA Guidelines for Electronic Medical Records

Healthcare Practice Using Electronic Medical Records HIPAA Compliance Vital Records Control

The Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) was established in 1996 as the healthcare industry began to shift towards a digital infrastructure. Initially, the goal of HIPAA was to improve coverage for the sharing of electronic medical records (EMR). However, within recent years it has taken on a new priority – data security. Though the federal…

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