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Vital Records Control Consolidates Digital Services Under New “VitalECM” Sub-Brand Name

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MEMPHIS, Tenn., Aug. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Vital Records Control® (VRC®), a leading provider of information management solutions, is excited to announce the launch of its “VitalECM” brand. VitalECMSM is a collection of innovative workflow and digital storage services to help businesses across various industries break information silos and embrace the digital transformation era. VRC has been performing these services for almost three decades under different service monikers.

With over 35 years of experience in the records and information management market and core competencies in document conversion services, offsite storage, release of information services, and secure shredding, VRC understands that embarking on a digital transformation journey can be challenging.

“As businesses increasingly rely on data and information, it becomes crucial to manage documents and content effectively. Traditional physical assets can often create bottlenecks and hinder productivity. However, with our comprehensive solution, businesses can improve accessibility to critical information and enhance collaboration within their organizations. We are thrilled to streamline our existing digital services under VitalECM to help businesses turn information into insights.”


The three words, capture, connect, and control, encapsulate the essence of the VitalECM solution. By utilizing this comprehensive solution, businesses can gain the ability to capture information from various sources, connect it seamlessly across departments and systems, and ultimately take control of their data management processes.

The VitalECM enterprise content management solution is designed for businesses in banking, education, healthcare, government, financial institutions, SMBs (small and medium businesses), legal, retail, hospitality, insurance, manufacturing, and more. Regardless of industry or size, the VitalECM solution empowers companies with effective data management capabilities to enhance collaboration and productivity.

Key elements of the VitalECM solution include:

  • Digitization: Transform physical assets to digital formats through document conversion, scan-on-demand, and digital mailroom services.
  • Digital document storage: Access files in a secure digital repository utilizing document hosting and cloud-based document management software.
  • Workflow automation: Digitally transform how business is conducted by automating workflows, including human resources and accounts payable processes.
  • Information value: From information to insights, unlock the hidden value of your content.
  • Compliance and security: Securely access, distribute, and collaborate on confidential documents with access controls to maintain data privacy.
  • Content services: From creation to disposal, manage content throughout its lifecycle using one single, scalable solution.

VRC’s commitment to innovation and exceptional customer success has made it a vital partner for businesses seeking digital transformation. With the VitalECM solution, organizations can break free from information silos, improve operational efficiency, and unlock the full potential of their digital assets.

To learn more about VRC’s VitalECM solution or to request a demo, please visit

About Vital Records Control

VRC Companies, LLC., dba Vital Records Control® (VRC®), is a national records and information management (RIM) solutions leader. VRC helps clients reduce costs and increase productivity throughout the information lifecycle. With its commitment to high-quality solutions and exceptional service, VRC has become the trusted partner for businesses seeking compliant and cost-effective management of their physical and digital information assets.

Media Contact:
Rachel Pruitt
VRC Companies, LLC
[email protected]


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