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Custodial Records Solutions

We’ve developed a step by step records management process to support medical practices and their patients when a physician leaves the practice.

Let VRC compliment your patient care with VitalChart, our end-to-end custodial records solution.

If you’re a physician planning to retire, depart, or your clinic or hospital is closing, it can cause a major flux in your medical practice. These transitions are stressful, especially with patients needing quick and secure access to their medical records. 

VitalChart is our cost-efficient custodial solution that helps you ensure quick, secure responses for your patients while fulfilling records storage and retention requirements. 

VitalChart offers all the benefits of a compliant, cost-effective program to help your hospital or medical practice: 

  • Provides all needed information
  • Digitizes medical records
  • Stores documents in a secure environment
  • Enables rapid response to patient needs
  • Handles calls and notifications related to ROI
  • Alleviates financial and emotional stress

There are many reasons to use VitalChart.

Continuing Care

With VitalChart, patients can securely request and receive their records online, giving your practice more time to focus on providing excellent care.

Patient Notifications

VitalChart’s ROI portal and text message alerts will keep your patients informed of their medical record and disability form requests. And, our trained customer service team is always available to guide patients through the release of information process.

Industry Expertise

For more than 30 years, Vital Records Control has been recognized by local medical societies and trusted to protect and manage critical records generated by medical practices across the country.

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See how we can help protect your records and documents throughout their life cycle.

Other Services We Offer

Records Storage

Securely store and manage paper documents, electronic records, media and other data in offsite storage facilities with access whenever you need it.

Secure Destruction

We’ll work with you to find the right secure destruction solution for your needs, taking into account the number of documents to be shredded, your retention requirements, and your budget.

Document Scanning

Whether you need one-time document scanning services or want to undergo a full digital transformation, Vital Records Control can help.

Media Vaulting

When you trust VRC to store and backup your data, you can be confident that your media and backups are protected and preserved for years to come.