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Records Management Software

Completely manage your information online in one easy-to-use records management system.

Electronic records management software for end-to-end insight and control over your stored records.

Keep your business running efficiently with instant access to your stored documents and records.

With Vital Records Control, you’ll be able to completely manage your offsite files, retention schedules, and shred programs all in one easy-to-use records management system.

VitalWeb, our web-based records management software, provides online access to your physical and electronic records inventory, so you always know what you’re storing and the disposition of every file.

VitalWeb’s Key Features

The VitalWeb Records Management application combines the tools and technologies you need to automate workflow and be more productive.

  • Real-time dashboards
  • Classify, file, and track documents throughout their lifecycle
  • Online ordering for boxes, deliveries, scan-on-demand, and secure shredding services
  • Customizable reporting, descriptions, and search options
  • Multi-level user role assignments and departmental infrastructure
  • Built-in retention schedule and compliance capabilities
  • Convenient, secure online access
  • 24/7/365 Access from multiple devices

VitalWeb Reports

Quickly pull together a clean, comprehensive report using a variety of customizable features. VitalWeb’s reporting allows you to:

  • Gain insight into your inventory in offsite storage and information trends
  • Assess the performance of your records and information management program
  • Monitor activity on each document with a detailed audit trail
  • Run shredding reports, including destruction eligibility, scheduled visits, and previous orders

Instant File Access

Storing your documents doesn’t mean sacrificing access to them. With just a few clicks, you can search through your stored inventory, locate what’s needed, and gain instant access to it.

Manage Retention Schedules

VitalWeb enables you to set up records retention schedules to manage your information throughout its lifecycle and comply with rapidly changing laws, such as GDPR and CCPA.

  • Manage documents from creation, storage to destruction
  • Automatically generate inventory audits and activity logs for actions taken on records
  • Run destruction reports to identify records that have reached their retention period
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Benefits of Online Records Management

Information Lifecycle Management

VitalWeb enables enterprises to store information easily and cost-effectively throughout the lifecycle while maintaining security to meet regulatory and compliance requirements.

Improve Records Management Processes

File, find, review and audit stored records in a centralized platform, saving time for authorized administrators.

Security and Controlled Access

VitalWeb provides the security models, audit trails, and user roles you need to protect critical business records and confidently demonstrate compliance.

Streamline Information Governance

Improve the governance of your information with effortless control over retention schedules for review, hold, transfer, archive, and the destruction of records.

Legal Holds

Ensure the preservation of key information. Put legal holds on records to prevent changes and suspend destruction as part of the hold process.

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