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Secure Destruction

Since 1988, we’ve helped businesses of all sizes destroy documents and media compliantly and securely.

Secure shredding services for your confidential documents and data.

Document Destruction Service for Paper, Media, and IT Assets

Are you putting your company's confidential information at risk of breach? As the amount of data continues to grow, so does the risk of breach, theft, or loss. Businesses need to dispose of assets containing personal or sensitive data, such as paper, media, hard drives, and IT assets.

Vital Records Control's paper shredding service and hard drive destruction help you dispose of sensitive documents and electronic media safely and securely. We’ll work with you to find the right document destruction solution for your needs, considering the number of documents to be shredded, your retention requirements, and your budget. Our destruction programs include onsite, offsite shredding, or one-time shredding services.

By using a commercial shredding services provider with strict chain-of-custody protocols and secure logistics, you’ll save time and cost-effectively reduce security risks.

How do you choose the right shredding company?

Are you NAID AAA Certified?

The National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) sets industry standards for information destruction. Failing to meet the certification requirements puts your documents and records at risk. Vital Records Control is NAID AAA Certified, ensuring regulatory compliance through document destruction and confidential shredding of hard copy records, hard drives, and other electronic media.

Do you provide a certificate of destruction at the end of each project?

End-to-end documentation of the shredding process enables you to deal with potential audits and any legal issues. A certificate of destruction is a formal document providing detailed information about the shredding of your papers that proves the process complied with all relevant security laws.

Does your vendor follow industry, state, and federal guidelines?

Your sensitive business, employee records, and client information are of the utmost importance to your business. Your data requires a certified, secure document shredding service to keep it confidential and from falling into the wrong hands. It demands a document destruction solution that keeps you safe while maintaining compliance with data privacy regulations, such as HIPAA, PCI, and Sarbanes-Oxley.

Are your facilities governed by chain-of-custody procedures?

Are your items given a unique identifier by which they're tracked at all times? From the moment you place your documents into a secure shredding bin or console, until the time you receive your official Certificate of Destruction, every procedure needs to be recorded to provide you with complete security for your archive at all times.

What type of destruction programs do you offer?

Your program should be tailored to your specific requirements. They can include daily, weekly, or monthly shredding services by trained and screened service specialists, as well as IT asset and e-waste disposition services. Lockable shredding cabinets and receptacles are designed to accommodate the document shredding needs of any large or small business.

Do you recycle the shredding materials?

Document shredding is more about staying compliant. It supports large and small businesses' green initiatives. Sustainable shredding ensures your materials will be recycled and reused. This can save you money, improve your business reputation, help you get tax credits, and reduce your overall carbon footprint.

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