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Records Storage for Banking

Whether you’re a mortgage lender, private or commercial bank, Vital Records Control can help you store and manage your important records and documents.

The banking industry is always faced with challenges, from evolving regulations and system upgrades to the need for increased security. To further complicate the situation, banks are constantly working to improve their customer experience in order to stand out from the competition.

As a result, the information management systems your bank uses to capture, access, and manage your data must evolve as well. Your bank records must remain secure to protect your customers’ private information and be appropriately maintained according to retention guidelines.

Whether you’re a mortgage lender, private bank or commercial bank, Vital Records Control can help. Our comprehensive solutions simplify the document management process and make it easy for you to manage your records throughout their lifecycle. We provide records storage, online records management, document imaging and secure shredding services for all of your document management needs.

Records Storage and Management for Banking

Banks of all sizes must maintain their information assets for long periods of time. For example, mortgage loan documents that contain complex information require closely monitored records retention processes throughout their existence.

With Vital Records Control, you can securely store your records offsite and manage your information with VitalWeb, our web-based records management portal.

VitalWeb gives you secure access to your stored records inventory database. Your sensitive bank records will be barcoded, indexed, and tracked within our secure records storage facility. You can control who has access to your online inventory with username and password authentication. Authorized users can research inventories, annotate indexing descriptions, review retention schedules, order retrievals and process destruction initiatives.

Our records storage and management services include:

  • Compliance with NFPA fire detection and suppression standards
  • Fully monitored intrusion and early warning fire protection systems
  • Climate controlled storage space
  • Tape vaulting storage services
  • Online access for retrieval and management functions

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Document Management in Banking

We’ll help you achieve your digital transformation goals by converting extensive paper file inventories into digital formats that are integrated into your existing Document Management System, or our cloud-based repository platform. Our experienced team will work with your organization to develop a cost-effective plan to manage your document scanning and retrieval requirements. 

Our scanning technicians perform all document scanning and indexing processes in VRC’s secure digital centers. No part of our image capture process is subcontracted, ensuring complete confidentiality and optimum quality of the image file database that we construct for you. Digitizing your documents allows you to:

  • Reduce your reliance on paper.
  • Enhance security and minimize risk.
  • Make sure your customers’ information is available when you need it.

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Document Shredding for Banking

Organizations that use consumer reports must conform to federal rules, including FACTA, that mandate the development of proper policies and procedures for protecting confidential consumer information, and responsibly destroying this information at the end of its useful life.

With the assistance of one of VRC’s NAID Certified Destruction Professionals, your business can quickly move into compliance with regulatory requirements for the responsible destruction of sensitive client information.

VRC can give your bank peace of mind by performing destruction services onsite at your office, or offsite at our secure plant-based shredding facility. We can destroy confidential information in the form of paper documents, CDs and DVDs, data backups, electronic records, and computer hard drives.

Our shredding solutions include:

  • NAID® Certified Off-Site and On-Site Mobile Destruction Processes
  • Certificate of Destruction is provided after the end of each destruction project
  • Protection of your brand and reputation while reducing risk.

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