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Atlanta, Georgia

Document Storage Atlanta

Document and Records Storage Atlanta

Atlanta companies can trust Vital Records Control for their document storage and management needs. We provide secure storage for all your documents, allowing you to store them offsite in a secure facility.


We also offer digital scanning services, so you can quickly and easily access your documents whenever you need them. Our state-of-the-art records management system allows you to organize, track, and manage your documents with ease. It also provides powerful search capabilities and audit trails to ensure compliance with regulations.


With Vital Records Control, Atlanta companies can rest assured that their documents are safe and secure and that they have the tools they need to efficiently manage their records.

Our Atlanta secure document storage solutions include:

Advanced secure document storage

Storing your archives in our high-density shelving systems in an Atlanta records storage facility near me is the best way to protect your company in the event of a major disaster such as a fire, tornado, or flood.


Our shelving systems are constructed with fireproof material, and our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art security systems. Your records will be safe from damage and theft, giving you peace of mind that your company's archives are secure. In addition, our expert staff can help you organize and access your archives quickly and easily.


Storing your records with us will save you time and money as you won't have to deal with the hassle of storing them in your own facility. With our secure, efficient, and cost-effective storage solutions, you can rest assured that your company's records are safe and secure.

Compliance with records retention policies

At VRC we understand the importance of confidentiality when it comes to your documents. That is why we guarantee that all activity surrounding your documents will be logged, and kept strictly confidential.


We have a secure system in place to ensure that all of your documents are handled with the highest degree of privacy and security. We use an encrypted server to store all of your documents so that your data is protected from unauthorized access.


Furthermore, we use the latest technologies to ensure that our systems are constantly monitored for any possible threats. Rest assured that all of your documents are safe with us and that your confidentiality is guaranteed.

RFID Technology

For over three decades, our company has been a leader in the information management industry. We are proud to employ chain-of-custody protocols for our customers' data.


This means that every step of the process is tracked and documented, from when the data enters our system to when it is delivered to our customers. Our protocol ensures that the data is secure and can be accessed by the right people at the right time.


We also employ the latest encryption technologies to protect our customers' data and guarantee that it remains confidential. Our commitment to security and privacy makes us a trusted partner for customers who need their data to be handled securely and responsibly. We are proud of our commitment to chain-of-custody protocols, and we strive to provide the best possible service to our customers.

Why choose VRC Atlanta document storage services?

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Save Money

We offer a comprehensive solution that helps you save time and money by removing the burden of managing large volumes of archives.

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Save Time

By investing in our record storage services, you can free up staff members to focus on business operations that bring in more profit.

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Our online management portal gives you full control over your inventory. With just a few clicks, you can quickly and easily access real-time inventory information.

Other Atlanta Document Management Services We Offer

Our secure offsite document storage facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art climate control systems to protect your documents from extreme temperatures and humidity.

With VitalWeb, you can easily track your documents, store them securely in the cloud, and access them anytime, anywhere.

Our scanning services make it easy to convert paper documents into digital images. This allows for quick and easy sharing of files, saving both time and money.

Our long-term data storage solutions can help ensure that your data is safe and secure and that you can access it whenever you need it.

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