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Media Vaulting in
Chicago, Illinois

Media Vaulting and Tape Storage Services Chicago, IL

Preserve your critical business data and protect client data from theft by storing it in our off-site media vaults.

With Vital Records Control Chicago, IL, your backup tapes, x-rays, microfiche, film, and images are securely stored and protected from outside elements, and accessible when you need it.

Media Vaults in Chicago, IL

The improper storage of film, video and tape backups can cause deterioration from environmental and human factors such as sun damage and temperature adjustments.

Our Chicago vaults are purpose-built for tape and media storage, designed to maximize the security and protection of your sensitive information assets.

  • Seismic Rated Structures
    • Our media vaults are constructed out of concrete and steel to withstand natural and humanmade disasters.
  • Precision Climate and Humidity Control
    • To ensure the long-term preservation of tape, our vaults maintain strict temperature and humidity controls with full redundancy.
  • Fire Suppression
    • Our vaults exceed industry fire protection standards and include a halon dry-fire suppression system.
  • Advanced Alarm Systems
    • Our facility is alarmed and monitored by a third party to protect against intrusion, temperature variance, and water penetration.
  • Secure Logistics
    • Our internal fleet of vehicles protects your critical data while it is at rest and in transit. Each vehicle is GPS-tracked with self-locking mechanisms to ensure the security of the vehicles.

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