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Paper Shredding in
Fayetteville, Arkansas

Paper Shredding Fayetteville, AR

Vital Records Control Fayetteville, AR provides paper shredding and document shredding services to help your Fayetteville business destroy confidential business records securely and compliantly.

Our suite of Fayetteville paper shredding solutions includes chain of custody protocols, commercial-grade shredding equipment, secure logistics, and flexible destruction schedules. Our local Fayetteville team works with you to determine the right solution for your needs, taking into account the amount of paper to be destroyed, your retention requirements and budget.

By using our professional paper shredding services, you’ll save time and reduce security risks in a cost-effective, eco-friendly way.

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Why use professional shredding services?

NAID AAA Certification

To provide you with the highest levels of security for your information, we’ve earned NAID AAA certification. Our local destruction facilities must pass unannounced audits that evaluate employee background screening, procedures, access controls, confidentiality agreements, and liability insurance.

Shred Bin Options and Pricing Model

Highly secure, locked shred bins are placed at your location to reduce the risk of your private papers and documents falling into the wrong hands. And, unlike some Fayetteville shredding competitors that charge by the pound or hour, we charge by the bin, saving your company money. We offer 32, 64 or 96-gallon bins to fit your needs best. Contact us for a free quote.

Sustainable Shredding

We use an industrial-grade strip shredder to reduce paper to tiny strips. Then, the shredded particles are baled and sent to a local recycling partner. Paper mills then clean recycled materials and repurpose them into new products, minimizing your environmental impact.

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Other Services We Offer

Secure Destruction

Secure shredding services for your confidential documents and data.

Health Information Management

Streamline the management and exchange of confidential health information.

Document Scanning Services

Our scanning services convert paper documents into digital images for quick and easy file shares.

Media Vaulting

Protect the data you value. Ensure business continuity with long-term data storage solutions.