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Cloud Storage Benefits for Remote Work

Cloud Storage for Remote Work 2

Many businesses are facing a new reality that requires a remote working environment. While some companies are more prepared to transition to a remote workforce than others, challenges still exist to ensure the efficiency and productivity of employees.

With the new shift to the virtual office, the importance of integrating the cloud into daily operations has never been more substantial.

Fortunately, online document storage solutions, such as cloud storage, can help companies used to traditional paper-based processes and in-person meetings adapt to our new way of working.

Remote Work Is Here to Stay

With the increased surge of remote work hires due to COVID, many businesses are rethinking their daily routines and processes.

With the inability to access physical hard copies, organizations are turning to cloud storage. From easier collaboration with coworkers, immediate access to documents, to advanced security, online document storage provides several advantages to businesses.

Why Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is a subscription-based SaaS (Software as a Service) option for managing digital files. Rather than being dispersed in filing cabinets in the office or several documents on your computer, data is housed in a centralized location where it can be accessed from any electronic device with an internet connection.

Instead of being stored on a single device’s hard drive, digital documents are stored securely in a cloud-based repository. As long as you have access to the cloud, employees can conveniently access the data they need when they need it.

As a way for employees to manage documents, share files, and work more cohesively across the board, cloud storage offers a solution to provide staff with the resources they need to be productive – whether they’re in or out of the office.

Advantages of Cloud Storage for Business

One of the primary benefits of cloud hosting is that IT aspects are handled by providers, making it easy to implement for workers with limited technical knowledge.

With the new remote way of working, reaching for the cloud has never been more significant for businesses to adapt. Whatever your business needs are, cloud solutions offer comprehensive benefits:

Access Data from Anywhere

Essential company data can be anywhere. Without the right tools, your staff may not be able to access crucial documents when they need them.

Cloud storage allows employees to retrieve the information they need from a centralized online repository. Authorized employees can access files, whether at home or the office, as long as they have an internet connection.

With full access to documents, employees are enabled to work on their own time and in their own space.

Reduce Costs, Increase Profitability

In addition to providing your employees’ flexibility to work remotely, by switching to the cloud, you can reduce expenses. You can save the need for additional office space and upfront costs for software, hardware, and maintenance.

According to Microsoft, small and medium-sized businesses can improve profitability by three times with cloud usage.

Work More Efficiently

Storing documents onsite consumes both physical space and energy to locate them when necessary. By going digital, your employees are enabled to identify and access information quicker and easier.

Keeping up with software updates and ongoing maintenance can be challenging. With cloud hosting, however, you can easily manage all your documents in a centralized system without worrying about the IT aspects of maintaining it. You focus on your business while the system automates processes.

Enhanced Security

Information security is always a requirement. A remote working environment can introduce information governance, safety, and compliance challenges.

Whether you’re concerned about a breach, or your remote workforce adhering to data privacy regulations, cloud storage ensures your data is securely protected. Your digital information is encrypted at rest and during transmission across a secure network. Role-based permissions and encryption keys keep your data safe, allowing authorized users to access the information they need. And, your information won’t get lost with automatic backups of your critical data.

Flexible, Subscription-Based

Cloud storage includes a flexible SaaS pricing model. You only pay for the storage you need and eliminate the need to invest in any type of equipment or an internal document management system (DMS).

Besides the advantage of saving on up-front costs, cloud storage subscriptions are flexible and can be canceled quickly. At a time when many companies are trying to adapt to tomorrow’s new economy, flexible pricing for business operational costs is an appealing option.

Collaboration and Customer Experience

Your team, and data, can be anywhere. Collaboration and customer service can be severely impacted by a fragmented system to locate vital information.

Storing digital documents in the cloud ensures remote employees can search and locate essential business information in a secure, timely manner. A document management company can scan and digitize physical files to make retrievals easier. Using optical character recognition (OCR) technology, your contents are text-searchable so that they can be found easily. Then, your files are uploaded into a centralized online repository for quick access.

Additionally, duplicates are eliminated, and staff can view the most recent version of files with a full audit trail of opens and edits.

Ensure the productivity and efficiency of your team, no matter where they are

With the impact of COVID-19, many businesses are shifting to a virtual workspace. Future-proof your organization by providing secure access to information while minimizing risk.

At Vital Records Control, we provide integrated document scanning services and cloud hosting solutions that automate the accessibility and distribution of information across your organization.

If you have any questions about cloud-based document management systems, or simply need more information, just let us know. Call us at (877) 898-7450.

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