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Document Scanning Services

Digitally transform your business with document scanning solutions.

Our scanning services convert paper documents into digital images for quick and easy file shares.

Scanning Services

Whether you are looking for document scanning services near me for a one-time project or need to undergo full digital transformation, Vital Records Control can help. Hiring a document scanning company to scan your documents and convert paper to digital files will improve workflow and productivity.

Our integrated document management solutions and imaging can help you manage, convert, and eventually dispose of paper that comes through your office. We have the experience, secure processes, and document scanners to convert paper documents to electronic files that you can retrieve at any time.

Our document imaging specialists perform paper document scanning services using optical character recognition (OCR) data extraction software to organize and digitize documents. After document scanning and data capture, we'll integrate your digital images into a document management system. We can also upload digital files into our cloud-based software solutions for easy, convenient access.

By converting your large format, blueprints, microfilm, books, and photos to scanned files, you can free up time and space.

Explore our document scanning service options:

Why Choose VRC ?


Since 1988, we've specialized in converting physical archives to digital information. We can also categorize and extract data from your existing electronic records, whether they’re stored in another document management system or network drive.

Bulk Scanning

Managing a large scale scanning project on your own can be challenging, time-consuming, and costly. At Vital Records Control, we make your digital conversion project easy and will pick up your box of documents for imaging.

Enhance Oversite

Our digitization services capture, sort, index, and tag your information so it's searchable and accessible. Use digitized data to automate workflows and improve business document management processes.

Secure Document Scanning

Paper files are easy to misplace, lose in a fire, tear, and steal. By outsourcing imaging services, your digital formats can be stored in a secure, cloud-based repository with strict access controls.

Industries We Serve

From medical records scanning, legal file scanning, to archive scanning, Vital Records Control provides document conversion services for various industries and entities.

Reduce Storage Costs

Rather than paying onsite document storage fees, our digital scanning services index and store files in our cloud-based document management software, so you can find them quickly and efficiently.

Meet Our Document Scanning and Imaging Specialists

Barry McNair
Barry McNair
Senior Vice President - VitalScan - Sales
Darrell Perry-VP-VitalScan
Darrell Perry
Vice President - Document Preservation and Restoration
Steve Woodall-VRC Scanning
Steve Woodall
Vice President - VitalScan - Operations

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