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Document Scanning Services

Save time with our document scanning and imaging services.

Focus on your job, not paperwork, with document scanning services.

Whether you need on-demand document scanning services, have large scale scanning projects, or want to undergo a full digital transformation, Vital Records Control can help.

Vital Records Control's document scanning services are an essential component of our document management solutions. We have the imaging experience, secure processes, and bulk document scanners to convert your paper documents to digital files that you can access anytime.

Our imaging team performs high-volume document scanning service using OCR data extraction software to organize and digitize your files. After document imaging and document digitization, we upload digital materials into the document management system of your choice or our cloud-hosted platform.

Why use document scanning services?

Improve Workflow

Scanning paper files to digital images saves companies time by streamlining operations. No more manually sorting through piles of papers to find the documents you need.

Secure Document Scanning

Paper documents are easy to misplace, lose in a fire, tear, and steal. Digital materials are stored and organized in secure databases with strict access controls.

Save Time

No more misplaced materials or searching through filing cabinets to locate the information you need. Our imaging services allow you to search and find the files you need quickly and easily.

Collaborate Easily

Your electronic records are stored digitally and can be accessed by authorized employees - no more missing or expired documents when you need them the most. Digitized materials allow you to quickly and easily collaborate with employees in your company on projects.

Reduce Document Storage Costs

Rather than paying onsite document storage fees, our professional document scanning services can digitize and store files in an onsite document management system, or the cloud.

Meet Our Document Scanning and Imaging Specialists

Vital Records Control-Barry McNair
Barry McNair
Senior Vice President - VitalScan - Sales
Steve Woodall - Vital Records Control Scanning Operations
Steve Woodall
Vice President - VitalScan - Operations

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