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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Document Scanning

Enhance options and automate workflow with our cost-effective document scanning services.

Is your Reading, PA company looking for a way to unlock the paper-burdened processes and move towards a more digital workplace? Vital Records Control can help.


Our document scanning services enable the integration of an extensive collection of hard copies and electronic records to be seamlessly added to your document management workflow.


Whether you’re in the healthcare, legal, education, or financial industry in the Reading area, our document imaging specialists work with you to design a customized document scanning solution that’s tailored to your needs.


Reading Imaging Specialists help with your document scanning project

Our local Reading scanning specialists have extensive experience to streamline your document management workflows. We handle each document scanning project with the same uniqueness as the company it was created for.


We work with you to understand your short and long-term digitization goals. Our experts assess your document formats, file types, destination routing and more.


Your physical files are securely transported to our data center where our local imaging specialists organize and prepare them for scanning.


We’ll index your digital files and carefully review them for image quality. Your digital files can be organized based on record classification, retention period, and more.


Your digital files can be saved in the format required. We’ll also host them on our servers or route them to your own digital repository.


At the end of the imaging process, we’ll store your documents in our offsite records storage center, return them to you, or securely destroy them.


We’ll help you scan:

  • Sticky notes
  • Medical Records
  • X-Rays
  • Microfilm and Microfiche
  • Bound Books
  • Large format documents (blueprints, maps, and more)

When you choose Vital Records Control to scan your documents, you’re enabled to:

  • Increase Efficiency
    • Our professionals use high-speed scanners to convert hard copies to digital images. Then, we’ll index and classify them so that you can easily find them with text searches.
  • Better Document Management
    • When all your important records are stored on your computer, managing records becomes effortless. You can pull any document you want in seconds while eliminating duplicate copies.
  • Enhance Regulatory Compliance
    • While some documents need to be stored for several years for legal reasons, most of your documents can be digitized. Our scan on demand services convert your stored records into digital files that can be sent to you as you need them.

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Vital Records Control Philadelphia service areas include:

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