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Sacramento, California

Document Storage

Document Storage Sacramento, CA

Some businesses believe that storing business records onsite is a cost-effective, secure practice. However, what companies may not consider are the document storage costs and security risks associated with onsite storage. With the price of office real estate at a premium in Sacramento, why not maximize the square footage in your office and generate revenue from it?


Additionally, businesses should consider the records management risks with having filing cabinets filled with valuable information onsite. Not only do filing cabinets take up office space, but they can pose security threats for data protection.


Secure record storage of your business documents is necessary to ensure that your confidential information is safe and available long-term. Whether you’re storing paper documents, medical records, employee information, legal files, or financial reports, storing your critical business assets in a secure storage facility helps minimize risk.


Document Storage and Management Services
Sacramento, CA

From Sacramento, Los Angeles, Diablo, to Santa Cruz, VRC services companies all over northern California. We protect Sacramento records and provide customizable document management solutions to help your business manage its information securely and accurately.


At VRC Sacramento, we’re experts in archive record storage. Our document storage solutions include filing and indexing your records, pickups and deliveries, 24/7 security monitoring, RFID tracking, and records management support.


With our records management system, VitalWeb, you can order on-demand document scanning services to convert your stored files to digital formats. Our document imaging specialists can upload your digital records to our online document management system or the DMS of your choice.


Why use a professional document storage company?

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Accurate Tracking and Records Management

We understand that you need access to your critical business information. We utilize an innovative barcode tracking system that allows you to control the management and retrieval of your stored archives.

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Increased Protection of Archive Records

With 24-7 security monitoring, including motion sensors and access controls, only authorized personnel are allowed to enter our vaults. You’ll never have to worry about the security of your stored files being compromised.

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Reallocate Office Space
Moving your records offsite and into the care of VRC means you'll save valuable office space. And, you'll gain peace of mind knowing your files are securely stored according to HIPAA, PCI, & FACTA compliance guidelines.
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On-demand Retrievals

We are committed to giving you access to the information you need. We offer same day, next day, and rush pickups and deliveries in GPS-tracked vans. And, we provide scan-on-demand services to deliver your stored documents digitally.

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24/7 Online Access
Storing your records offsite doesn't mean sacrificing visibility into them. With our records management system, VitalWeb, you'll have instant insight into your stored inventory.
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Information Life-cycle Management

We're experts in information governance and help your Sacramento company manage your information throughout its lifecycle- from creation to disposal.

Other Services We Offer

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Secure Destruction

Secure shredding services for your confidential documents and data.

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Health Information Management

Streamline the management and exchange of confidential health information.

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Document Scanning Services

Our scanning services convert paper documents into digital images for quick and easy file shares.

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Media Vaulting

Protect the data you value. Ensure business continuity with long-term data storage solutions.

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