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Document Scanning Services in
Tampa, Florida

Document Scanning Services Tampa, FL

Vital Records Control’s document scanning services in Tampa, FL, include document imaging specialists using commercial-grade scanning equipment to ensure easy and quick access to digital files.

Improve collaboration and enhance security. Whether you need to convert paper documents for your medical practice, HR, or accounts receivable department, our professional scanning services get the job done right, on time, and budget.

Hiring a document scanning company to convert paper documents to digital formats will improve processes, enhance productivity, and empower your employees to focus on what they do best – their jobs.

How Document Scanning Services Work:

  1. You pack up your documents.
  2. Our background-checked specialists will pick them up.
  3. Your materials are safely transported in one of our secure vehicles.
  4. Your paper documents arrive at our highly-secure digital records center.
  5. Our imaging specialists scan your documents, checking for errors and color correctness.
  6. We convert your documents to your desired format.
  7. Our experts index and export your electronic files in the digital document management system of choice
  8. Your paper documents are securely shredded, stored in one of our records storage facilities, or returned to you.

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Why Use Document Scanning Services?

Automate Workflow

Digital documents allow for quick sharing and searches, helping you save time and costs.

Save Storage Costs

Digitize your paper documents and store them in a cloud-based document management system rather than paying for onsite document storage.

Improve Security

Digital files are stored securely in a database with strict access controls.

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