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12 Reasons to Use Document Storage Services

Document Storage Services

Information is the lifeblood of any business. So protecting your information assets should always be a priority. However, data stored in various locations and formats can be hard to track and manage efficiently, and a primary reason why businesses need document storage services.

Document storage services are a secure, cost-effective way to manage volumes of information. Paper records, electronic documents, backup tapes, and any critical data require advanced protection from natural disasters and are susceptible to permanent damage if not handled or stored correctly. Offsite storage providers store your records in climate-controlled facilities that are designed with advanced security, fireproof protection, and technology.

Plus, file storage with the right records management company saves you valuable space and time.  With that in mind, let’s take a look at how your business can benefit from storage services.

12 Reasons for Document Storage Services

1) Helps You Meet Your Information Governance Needs

Your information governance and records management program should involve a storage solution for your paper documents and electronic records. Records and document storage services enable you to store files that require secure storage for legal purposes but are not needed for everyday business functions.

2) Specialized Facility Shelving

Record storage facilities have metal shelves to store your document storage boxes. Boxes should never be kept on the floor to avoid potential water damage caused by flooding. And unlike self-storage units, professional storage services automatically store boxes on high capacity, steel racks to protect your records from spills or floods.

3) Climate-Controlled Storage

Physical documents and electronic files need to be kept in a climate-controlled facility to preserve the integrity of your records. Storage for sensitive records requires heating, cooling, and humidity specifications in a controlled environment. Additionally, document storage providers should have pest services, so your confidential files aren’t at risk of being destroyed by rodents or bugs.

4) Fire Protection

Preventative fire-safe construction and access to water or gas systems ensure the protection of your physical records. State-of-the-art storage facilities equipped with ESFR Fire Protection Systems provide enhanced fire suppression for your files and automatic waterless fire protection, so the condition of your documents won’t be compromised by water damage.

5) Secure Document Storage

When looking for a records storage facility near you, be sure to ask about its security features. Most records centers have an entryway, internal, and perimeter security with an alarm and camera system located on the interior and exterior of the building. Additionally, facilities should require an ID check or have a live security guard on the premises.

6) Employees you Can Trust

An information management provider adheres to strict security requirements. This includes conducting extensive background checks, employee screenings, and training to guarantee the highest standards of security are met when protecting and storing records.

7) Consistent Chain of Custody

Offsite records storage services deliver the highest level of security and accuracy. This includes protecting your information assets while in transit and using barcode scanning for point-to-point tracking of your materials.

8) Records Management Portal

To help with the management of your boxes and files, most storage providers offer records management portals, including metadata, searching, tracking, and service request processing.

With a few clicks, you can search through your offsite inventory, automate document retention schedules, and order documents to be scanned or delivered by a vetted employee. Records management systems allow you to free-up staff and streamline workflow—without sacrificing insight into your stored materials.

9) Underground Storage

Depending on your business location, your storage requirements for paper and electronic records may vary. Some storage providers offer underground storage to preserve sensitive documents, artifacts, and media from extreme weather conditions, human-made catastrophes, and natural disasters.

Underground vaults are storage facilities constructed out of limestone that lie deep beneath the earth to withstand the effects of tornadoes, hurricanes, heavy rains, and earthquakes. Vault features include 24/7 monitoring and security, climate controls, and access controls.

10) Lower Document Storage Costs

Rather than wasting storage space with filing cabinets, offsite storage offers a convenient way to keep paper documents and business records safe while lowering storage costs. Typically, offsite document storage services are priced per box and include document retrieval fees.

However, some storage services may be priced per cubic foot, allowing you to pay for what you store only. Before signing any contract, it is recommended to inquire about the prospective information management company’s pricing model to determine the best long-term pricing solution for your business.

11) Document Storage and Scanning Services

The majority of commercial document storage services offer a variety of document management solutions for their customers. Records management services may include document scanning services, document shredding, and tape storage.

If you’re interested in cloud storage to save space, several document storage companies provide secure document hosting services. And, if you bundle document storage, scanning, and hosting services together with a single records management provider, chances are you’ll find optimal cost savings.

12) Document Management Systems

For active documents that you need to retrieve frequently, be sure to ask your prospective provider about their digital storage solutions. Materials and content are scanned and organized using metadata in the form of tags in a document management system. Your information can be tagged by document type, date, or title so it can be located quickly.

For easy file sharing, an online document storage solution may be suitable for your organization. Files are stored digitally so that authorized employees can access them quickly from any location, on any device.

Ready to get started with Document Storage and Management Services?

From document scanning, shredding services, to document storage, Vital Records Control’s experts are here to customize a document management solution that works with your needs. Get your custom solution started by giving us a call at (877) 898-7450 for a quote.

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