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Medical Records Management

Ensure patient privacy and satisfaction with our suite of medical records management solutions.

Store, access, and release confidential PHI with HIPAA compliant medical records management for healthcare organizations.

As healthcare providers make efforts to streamline medical records management processes and reduce administrative costs, many practices need to free up valuable space and resources.

Vital Records Control provides a suite of integrated medical document management solutions to help healthcare providers improve their processes and manage information efficiently through its entire lifecycle.   

We specialize in patient records scanning, storage, and destruction services for Protected Health Information (PHI). Our health records management services are designed for compliance with the Healthcare Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to reduce physicians’ liability and mitigate risk.

Medical Records Storage

Physical health records, including patient charts, radiology films, X-rays, pathology slides, and more, can be converted digitally. However, health information must be retained for a period of time before it can be shredded.

At Vital Records Control, we can help you store health records by moving them offsite and into our secure records storage centers. We can also provide you with electronic versions of your stored records when you need them. 

We utilize barcode technology to organize and track your medical records to satisfy retrieval requests, whether for patient care, e-discovery, or regulatory production.

We can also assist your practice by storing paper charts and providing release of information services to help satisfy patient or third-party requests for health information.

With HIPAA compliant paper file storage, you’ll be able to:

  • Reallocate valuable office space.
  • Have peace of mind knowing your records are stored offsite in climate-controlled facilities with 24/7 security.
  • Leverage VitalWeb, our online records management system, to maintain medical records, run file inventory reports, request retrievals,  order scan-on-demand and shredding services, and monitor retention schedules.

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Film and Data Storage

Patient data, billing information, and personal information connected to an individual are some of the most sought after types of information for identity thieves.

With Vital Records Control, you can be assured that your patients’ confidential information is protected from identity thieves. We store your clinical business data, film, backup tapes, external hard drives, and other media offsite in state-of-the-art vaults that protect your data and allow you to retrieve it when you need it.

And, if the unexpected occurs, our records control services can help you get your practice back up and running with reduced downtime – because your patients depend on it.

With Vital Records Control, you can:

  • Store your records in offsite media vaults with increased protection from floods, fire, earthquakes, or humanmade disasters.
  • Leverage VaultWeb, our online management information system, track, manage and locate your data online.
  • Gain confidence knowing your confidential information is protected offsite according to HIPAA compliant storage requirements.
  • Order HIPAA compliant cloud backup services for disaster recovery protection.

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Medical Records Scanning

Health Information Management (HIM) professionals are continually searching for processes that help them reduce the time spent prepping and scanning paper medical records into electronic medical record (EMR) document management platforms.

Vital Records Control offers integrated electronic records management (EMR) solutions for converting hardcopy patient charts to digital formats as your organization implements its EMR system.

Our medical records scanning technicians can migrate legacy patient records, X-rays, radiology films, and other protected health records to electronic formats. We also perform optical character recognition (OCR) and data extraction services for medical billing and claims processing.

We can retrieve your patient records from storage and scan them for release to authorized parties upon request.

With Vital Records Control’s HIPAA and PCI-compliant document scanning services, you can:

  • Order scan-on-demand services for patient records stored in our offsite records storage centers.
  • Reduce demands on your staff while getting fast retrievals of patient information and business files.
  • Process patient medical records requests more quickly.
  • Reduce the cost to scan medical records in-house.

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HIPAA Compliant Cloud Storage

With Vital Records Control, your healthcare practice can simplify and streamline document management. With our cloud-based storage solutions, Health information technicians can easily access electronic health records (EHRS) from a centralized, online document management system for HIPAA compliant file sharing.

Our cloud-based storage solutions let you:

  • Digitize your files and access them through our secure medical document management software.
  • Automate your document workflow and improve productivity.
  • Provide mobile and remote access to any file when needed.
  • Eliminate duplicate files.
  • Restrict access to sensitive documents.

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Medical Records Shredding

Healthcare organizations are especially vulnerable to data breaches. Because of the reliance on paper-dependent processes, including patient charts, insurance forms, invoices, and more, medical facilities must ensure their paper files are properly destroyed to meet HIPAA and HITECH data privacy protocols. Additionally, hard drives and electronic medical equipment containing PHI must also be shredded compliantly so patient information cannot be recovered. 

With Vital Records Control, you can trust your sensitive information is destroyed correctly according to your retention guidelines, keeping your practice safe from breaches.

With our medical chart shredding services, you can:

  • Destroy and recycle patient files, X-rays, films, and other PHI with a proven, compliant process that includes an auditable chain of custody.
  • Develop a disposition program, including onsite and offsite shredding, designed specifically for your healthcare organization’s needs, requirements, and budget.
  • Shred paper to a NAID-Certified shredding size.
  • Receive a certificate of destruction that displays your commitment to compliant destruction.

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For more information about our comprehensive portfolio of healthcare records management services, including Release of Information, Custodial Records Solutions, and Patient Form Completion, visit our Health Information Management page.

What are the Benefits of Medical Records Management?

Automate Processes

Improve the organization of your files for fast retrievals and to meet document retention policies with a centralized records management program.

Improve Access

Get access to health information with higher data quality, accuracy, and consistency while saving time and money.

Improve Data Security

From creation to destruction, you can securely manage your patient records throughout their lifecycle with a detailed audit trail.

Protect Patient Privacy

Ensure appropriate measures are in place to protect your patient's information, limit physician's liability, and avoid fines.

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