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Document Scanning in
Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

Our local Dallas document imaging team has the expertise to scan your physical records on time and on budget

Converting your Dallas, TX company from physical records to digital copies is a major step towards becoming a more advanced, efficient business. Vital Records Control is here to help you make the leap to go paperless, offering document scanning services for all sizes of records.

Digitization cuts down paper-intensive processes and brings businesses productivity and profitability. Digital formats can be easily accessed with a click of the mouse and eliminate the hassle of digging through filing cabinets.

Local Dallas Document Scanning Experts help with your imaging project:

  • We’ll prepare your documents for scanning by removing staples, bindings, clips, and other items.
  • High-end scanners ensure your files are converted into the clearest images possible.
  • After scanning, we review each image for readability and clarity. Poorly scanned images are re-scanned.
  • We will index your files based on your specific requirements, such as record classification, department, client name, and more.
  • Your newly digitized files can be imported to format you want or the document management system of your choice.

Our local experts have scanned thousands of paper and media files. We’ll help you scan:

  • Newspapers
  • Bound Books
  • Fetal monitors
  • Large Format including blueprints
  • Microfilm
  • Microfiche

Our document scanning services enable your business to:

Save Time

Instead of digging through filing cabinets or off-site storage, your documents will be filed digitally to DVD, CD, or our online web-based document management solution.

Increase Productivity

Choose day-forward scanning if your Dallas company receives a large volume of documents daily. We’ll collect and scan your documents as they enter your office.

Save Costs

Our backfile conversion scanning services are a cost-effective way for businesses to start the scanning process. We’ll scan the legacy archives you need access to over a period, and securely store the rest.

Gain Access

Access documents you need, when you need them. Our 24/7 document management portal allows you to quickly access the documents we scan for you.

Enhance Compliance

Some records may require storage for a length of time, due to legal purposes. Our scan on demand services provide the perks of offsite storage with the benefits of document scanning. We scan the documents you store in our offsite storage facility and send them to you digitally.

Maximize Space

Filing cabinets take up valuable office space. Document imaging removes paper and filing cabinets from your office by storing records digitally, allowing you to reallocate office real estate to productive activities.

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