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Document Scanning Lansing, MI

Lansing Document Scanning Services and Imaging

Looking for a way for your Lansing company to manage its documents better? Our scanning services can help.


When you have a document scanning service, you can expect to be more efficient in a number of ways. You'll be able to easily find the documents you need since they'll all be in one place. You won't have to waste time rummaging through filing cabinets or folders.


And, you can share documents more easily with others since they'll be digital. You won't have to make copies or wait for someone to return a document to you. Finally, you can access your documents from anywhere since they'll be stored in the cloud.

Scanning Services Lansing, MI

Our local Lansing imaging specialists work with you to develop a document scanning solution that aligns with your compliance and budget specifications.

Receipt of Digital Documents

Once your documents arrive at our facility, we will begin the scanning process. Each box will be bar-coded and tracked throughout the entire process.

Document Preparation

At VitalScan, we ensure that all staples, paper clips, and any other bindings or fasteners are removed. In addition, we ensure that any ripped pages are repaired and folded edges are flattened.

Industrial Scanners

We utilize high-efficiency scanners to ensure all your documents are scanned and converted into the clearest images possible.

Quality Review

After imaging has occurred, our scanning team carefully reviews each image to ensure readability and clarity. Any poorly scanned images are rescanned to meet our high-quality standards.

Document Indexing

We’ll index your files according to your specifications, whether by patient or client name, classification code, or other important information.

Document Management System Integration

After documents are scanned, format and upload your digital documents for integration with your document management system.

Other Scanning Services We Offer

icon bulk scanning

VitalScan's digital mailroom service provides a virtual mail room in just a few clicks.

icon contrtol flow

We can scan documents at your employees’ request, providing an economical alternative to having all your files imaged at once.

icon better collaboration

From data entry to invoice processing, to everything in between, our workflow automation service helps you manage documents across all your departments or locations.

icon cloud

Store, upload, and manage your files on our cloud-based platform without needing to build and maintain expensive hardware infrastructure.

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