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Medical Records Management in
San Francisco, California

Medical Records Management San Francisco, CA

Vital Records Control San Francisco’s suite of medical records management solutions help healthcare providers streamline processes and manage patient health information (PHI) efficiently through its entire lifecycle.   

We are specialists in medical records storage scanning, and shredding services for health information. Our health records management solutions are created for compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to mitigate risk and reduce liability.

Medical Records Storage San Francisco

From patient records, radiology films, X-rays, to pathology slides, our local San Francisco record center stores a wide range of health information.

We utilize innovative RFID technology to organize and track your medical records to satisfy retrieval requests. And, with our records management portal, VitalWeb, you can order scan-on-demand and shredding services to manage your document retention schedules efficiently.

With our secure storage solutions, you’ll be able to maximize office space and gain peace of mind knowing your patient records and charts are protected in safe records storage facilities with strict climate controls.

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Film and Data Storage

With Vital Records Control San Francisco, you can be assured that your confidential information is protected from the risk of a breach. We store your health data, film, backup tapes, external hard drives, and other electronic records offsite in secure storage vaults that protect your data and allow you to access it when you need it.

And, to help get your practice back up and running with reduced downtime if a business disruption occurs, we also provide HIPAA compliant cloud backup services for disaster recovery protection.

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Medical Records Scanning San Francisco

Vital Records Control specializes in medical records scanning services for healthcare providers to convert physical patient records to electronic formats as your practice implements its EMR system.

Our document scanning specialists migrate legacy patient records, X-rays, radiology films, and other PHI to digital formats. At your request, we’ll perform optical character recognition (OCR) and data extraction to make records searchable and easy to find.

And, we’ll retrieve your stored patient files and scan them on demand for release to authorized parties.

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HIPAA Compliant Cloud Storage

When you partner with Vital Records Control, your practice can simplify the document management process. With our online document storage solutions, you can easily access electronic health records (EHRS) from a centralized cloud-based repository for HIPAA compliant file sharing.

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Medical Records Shredding San Francisco

When you work with Vital Records Control San Francisco, you can trust your confidential patient information is destroyed securely, keeping you compliant with HIPAA disposal guidelines. Our document destruction solutions shred and recycle patient files, X-rays, films, and more with a proven chain of custody protocols.

And, our local team will help you develop a HIPAA compliant destruction program, including onsite and offsite shredding, designed specifically for your healthcare facility’s needs.

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Release of Information

For release of information, Vital Records Control has developed a step-by-step process to quickly deliver patient health information to requesters and comply with complex health regulations. Our ROI experts carefully manage every phase of our authorization and release procedures, so you gain confidence knowing that outsourcing your ROI compliance to VRC is a safe choice.

Our ROI specialists release a variety of formats, including paper, digital, and can integrate them with your EMR data system.

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