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Frequently Asked Questions About Offsite Records Storage

Secure Offsite Records Storage

What is offsite records storage?

As its name implies, offsite records storage enables you to store boxes of files in a secure, climate-controlled storage facility. In turn, it saves you space, keeps your confidential information safe, and ensures your company’s business continuity.

Some paper records must be maintained and stored for a certain period of time for compliance purposes. However, off-site storage is typically the best option for inactive documents that are used less frequently.

What are the benefits of storing records offsite?

Offsite storage provides a secure way to store your sensitive information while also protecting it from environmental damage, such as fire or flooding. Secure offsite document storage enables you to:

  • Reallocate the use of valuable office space
  • Store documents offsite instead of paying to store, organize and file them at your office
  • Protect information assets from theft or accidental destruction
  • Focus on your business rather than paying employees to index or retrieve your documents
  • Track retention times and know when your documents are eligible for shredding.

How do records storage services work?

First, you collect documents and fill up storage boxes. Additionally, you organize your files based on their records retention schedules.

Then, boxes are taken to offsite records storage facilities, where they’ll be scanned into an inventory tracking system using their unique barcode. This allows you to monitor your file inventory through web portals, check on or set up retention schedules, and receive notifications when files are nearing the end of their lifecycle.

When business records have reached their retention period, they are securely shredded. You are provided a formal certificate of destruction, including where and when the shredding took place, keeping you compliant with destruction laws.

Can I store both physical and electronic records?

Vital Records Control provides offsite storage for paper documents, electronic records, media, tapes, and other data with access whenever you need it.

How secure is offsite document storage?

Our records storage facilities and vaults are SSAE-18 validated, with advanced security and fire­ suppression technology to ensure your information is always protected.

  • 24/7 Security monitoring
  • Portable hand-held scanners that provide point-to-point tracking and chain of custody
  • Barcoded inventory tracking
  • Secure vehicles and highly trained transportation specialists

What type of storage do you provide for electronic records?

Storing magnetic tape backups, medical x-rays, historical film, and other vital records improperly can lead to damage and information loss. To preserve your critical information, we offer enterprise tape storage for your specialized storage needs.

  • Climate-controlled vaults with 24/7 monitoring
  • Environmentally friendly fire-suppression systems
  • Rigorous access controls

What type of records should I consider storing in a vault?

Some common record types that are stored in our media vaults include:

  • Magnetic tape backups
  • Medical x-rays, microfiche
  • Photographs
  • Legal documents
  • Cultural and historical records
  • Valuable artifacts

How do I request a delivery or pickup?

Requests for retrievals can be made using our web-based customer hub, VitalWeb®. You may also contact one of our local offices for immediate assistance.

Can Vital Records Control perform indexing?

Absolutely. We’re here for all of your records management needs and will index your individual files so you can sort, search, find, and retrieve them faster.

How quickly can I receive my file or box?

We offer same-day, next-day, and rush deliveries, which can be requested through VitalWeb. Please contact one of our local offices for inquiries about our emergency delivery services.

How do I authorize someone to send or receive files?

VitalWeb®, our records management software, enables you to add new users with department-level access management.

How do I get set up to make requests over the web?

Once you store your records with us, you’ll receive access to our VitalWeb® portal. Each authorized user will receive log-in credentials and helpful ‘how-to’ guides that describe the process.

Will I be charged for a web user account?

Our clients are not charged for VitalWeb® access.

Are there software training fees?

Not at all, Vital Records Control provides new-user training for VitalWeb® at no additional charge.

What are your records management software’s key features?

Using VitalWeb®, you have access to:

  • Inventory tracking
  • Customizable, automated reporting
  • Multi-level user role assignments and departmental infrastructure
  • Built-in retention scheduling

How do I get my files delivered digitally?

You can make requests for scan-on-demand services through the VitalWeb® portal. Your scanned files (in ‘pdf’ format) are accessible securely via VitalWeb®. You will receive a notification from us when your files are available for viewing and/or downloading.

Do you offer online document storage?

Yes, our document hosting services integrate imaging and secure digital document storage. We scan, digitize, and store your files that can be accessed via our cloud-based document management system (DMS).  With a digital storage system, authorized employees are provided a quick way to access data through a secure network remotely.

When you pick up my records for shredding, can I give you files for storage?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept files for storage while servicing you for your shredding needs. The reason being, our shredding routes are separate from our physical delivery routes for records. This ensures that records in storage do not mix with files to be shredded for end-to-end chain-of-custody.

How do I make shredding requests?

You can easily make requests for shredding services within VitalWeb®.

Do you sell boxes? How do I order them, and what sizes are available?

We sell highly durable, standard record storage boxes (16x10x12) with attached lids. You can order new boxes using VitalWeb®.

Why should I use Vital Records Control as my records management partner?

At Vital Records Control, we’re here when you need us. Our personalized service means you get service from a real person, 24/7. With over 100 facilities nationwide, we’re equipped to handle projects of any size.

Our client-oriented approach enables us to deliver information management solutions that align with your needs, including your retention, compliance, and budget requirements.

We work with small, medium, and large companies in a wide range of industries. And we work with you to ensure that you get the help you need to manage your assets efficiently and cost-effectively. Learn more about Vital Records Control.

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