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Document Shredding in
Lewisburg, West Virginia

Ensure compliance and the secure destruction of confidential records with our document shredding services.

Is your company in need of a document shredding service provider in Lewisburg, WV or the surrounding area? Look no further than Vital Records Control.

Our document shredding services help companies in Lewisburg and the surrounding region maintain compliance with state and federal regulations with the secure destruction of their paper and electronic files.

Whether you require the witnessing of sensitive business materials being destroyed onsite or are paper-dependent with large volumes of obsolete records, our destruction programs are tailored to meet your unique business needs.

We offer the following:

Rotating Shred Bins

From 32, 64, 0r 96-gallon bins, we provide protection right at your own office. We place locked consoles at your facility in high traffic areas for unwanted paper materials to be placed in.

One-Time Shredding and Purges

Our one-time shredding and purge services are convenient, cost-effective to destroy files recently acquired from a big company move or cleanout. Shred bins are placed at your location. Once they’re filled, our licensed technicians collect your confidential records for shredding. Or, we can pick up your boxed records from your office and transport them to our secure facility for destruction.

Offsite Scheduled Shredding Services

A budget-friendly solution for Lewisburg businesses that are paper-dependent, our offsite shredding services provide the security you need to keep confidential records from ending up in the wrong hands. We arrive on your scheduled shred date to collect your confidential documents and transport them to our offsite destruction facility for disposition to occur.

Mobile Shredding

Much like the name implies, our mobile shredding truck outfitted with commercial-grade shredders arrive directly to your Norfolk location to shred materials onsite for you to witness.

Hard Drive Destruction

Our industrial grade equipment destroys your electronic records into unrecognizable, tiny particles, so data retrieval is impossible.

NAID Certified Shredding Services

We offer unrivaled protection of your information. We are the top choice for Lewisburg’s NAID AAA-Certified document shredding services.

Environmentally-friendly recycling

We support your Lewisburg company’s green initiatives by recycling all of your shredding materials to promote a more sustainable environment.

Certificate of Destruction

After each destruction project, we provide you with a Certificate of Destruction, detailing the time and date of the destruction of your confidential information.



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